Rivera del Rio Boutique Hotel - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, 48380, Mexico
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Alejandro Penthouse Suite

1 King & 1 Fold out Sofa
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Room Detail

As you wind up a fern-covered Grecian Stairway, a caressing sea breeze brushes across your face. Nestled snugly amongst the treetops in an exotic dwelling, experience a vista of the bay and Gringo Gulch, a lasting image within your heart for all time, this room is known as the Blue Room to wayfarers.

High above the spacious grey-lined stairwell is a pastel fresco in bas-relief’ carved in stone. A brilliant technique utilized by artisans since time began…etched here is a handsome bustier of the master and owner of the villa, Alexander. A tribute from his painter Miriam brilliantly depicts him as a composer who orchestrated master craftsmen to keep his grandmother’s legendary home alive for eternity.

In Mexico, for a lad just out of college, this can be a taxing, almost insurmountable task, yet you will see he has achieved his desire like a Prince with a dexterous finesse and grace. This was Alexander’s room. Secure, antiquated double wooden doors open into a celestial sitting room with a sumptuous purple divan and a fold out royal purple velvet couch that easily sleeps a cozy couple.

Complete with air conditioning and entertainment center in this Master Bedroom, a finely chiseled window connects to brilliant portholes and shamrocks that light up a private Tibetan orange kitchen with microwave and all modern amenities. Both these rooms have vistas over the pool below and the large ten-person whirlpool above with easy elevator access and stairways to street and indoor pool below.

The living quarters display arches and a pastel cupola, mirrored on the outside, with chips of glass gloriously accentuating the roof above. Spacious bookshelves and a heavy, hand-carved, leaded mirror from Marcella Garcias and the world renowned boutique Seraphina, grace Grecian white and periwinkle walls.

The penthouse provides the most spacious closet and a full kitchen. Alejandro is especially appealing to those who appreciate a unique ambiance, with sturdy wooden shutters that frame a whimsical view of the sea. Sliding glass doors lead to a expansive white-tiled patio perfect for fiestas and private entertaining and decorated with pots of lovely white roses.

A glass patio table with large striped umbrella is great for Mahjong, Baccarat or even a late candlelit poker night.
The 20 foot high watertight Palapa Roof is spectacular with a centrally located 15-point brass chandelier above.

*Full private Kitchen
*King Sized Bed
*Day Bed
*Outside dining
*Full bath
*Fold out couch in separate room
*Fully expanding doors to enlarge room
*Palapa (thatched roof)
*Living room and bedroom tv
*Stunning River View
*Possible to sleep up to four people

  • King Size Bed
  • Patio
  • Fireplace
  • Private Kitchen
  • Fold Out Beds
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