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Candelaria Suite

Max Guests 2
Bed Size(s) 1 King

"And When my love shall die, cut him out into little stars. And he will make the face of heaven so fine, he will outshine the garish sun!"---William Shakespeare

This Honeymoon Suite is ideal for lovers. Formerly the home of Candelaria, the daughter of “Silver”, Candee’s heroine was Maria Felix, both actresses by trade and avid lovers of gems. At a recent San Francisco Cartier exhibit, one could see the emerald alligator necklace Maria Felix had the craftsman copy of her two pet alligators, and which she wore until her recent demise.

Candelaria always introduces herself to local taxis as "Maria Felix sin trensas"...without braids! Like Madame Pompadour, one waltzes along a ballroom floor until coming to a stunning Hearst-type, two-leveled emerald green pool and dining court, lush with greenery and perfect for dinner parties or petite breakfasts, complete with a stunning hand-picked marble breakfast table and 4 cherry harp chairs, and patio furniture, all topped with an iron stairway leading to an iridescent pearl-white whirlpool beneath a Greek arbor, making this by far the most luxurious and accommodating suite of all…total magic at your finger tips

*King Sized Iron Bed
*Two levels
*Private outdoor dining area with full kitchenette
*Double person romantic bath tub
*Private entrance
*Direct access to pool and jacuzzi
*Beautiful amour closet

Low Season (05/01-10/31) - $159
High Season (11/01-04/30) - $189
Holiday (12/15-01/06) - $250

  • King Size Bed
  • Patio
  • Fireplace
  • Private Kitchen