After two weeks of a blissful vacation with friends, it was time to go home, when at the last minute my “spidey sense” told me it was too soon to leave. Therefore, I decided I would stay another four days, and I would make the most of what little time I had left in Mexico all by myself. The last thing I wanted to do was stay in a Puerto Vallarta megaresort, so I looked into some boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts in the city’s Zona Romantica – and that’s how I discovered the hidden gem known as Rivera del Rio. Two days later I found myself on a secluded, tucked-away street running alongside the Rio Cuale, walking up the stairs to my new home away from home.

The humidity was relentless so it was already a slice of heaven to find myself in the cool hotel lobby in the middle of August, but with one glance around the interior I knew this was going to be an experience that would take “cool” to a whole other level.

Within minutes, I was served the best margharita I think I have ever had in my life (which was, of course, followed by a second). After a great balcony chat with Diego, as well as a walk through the stunning lobby which comes with an open-air lap pool, piano, and exquisite decor, I was all set.

Owned and operated by Alexander James Andriadis Killen, the Rivera del Rio was in need of a major upgrade when he first acquired the property. After a few years of incredible work and renovation – including linking the huge building to another building on the south side – the eight-room hotel was open and ready for business. In the fewyears since its opening, Rivera del Rio has already established itself as one of Mexico’s premier bed and breakfast villas, raking in countless five-star reviews from travellers worldwide who have a budget-smart passion for style, luxury, and Old Hollywood glam.

The first night I treated myself to the penthouse suite and even though I had just spent two weeks soaking up the beauty of much of western Mexico, this one night of penthouse perfection ranked as one of my vacation’s biggest highlights. My own private balcony gave
me a near 360-degree view of the city, the jungled mountain and the ocean beyond. When I returned later that night, I was sure to make my way to the rooftop alabaster jacuzzi and swimming pool. While bubbling away under a dome of stars, for a brief moment, I toyed with the idea of giving up my life back home and staying here forever.

In fact, each room at the Rivera del Rio has its own unique theme. From the Scarlett Room, to the Green Room, to the Cortez Suite and others, each room is impeccably designed and will bring an unforgettable atmosphere and character to your stay.

Each corner of the Rivera del Rio drips in elegance and style, so it is no accident the hotel is famous for much more than travel alone. VOGUE and Italian ELLE have each taken full advantage of the hotel’s interior design for photoshoot locations, as well as director Tony Scott,
who used the hotel as a location in one of his films.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Alexander is embarking on a new boutique hotel adventure as well. Just down the road is his brand new Garlands del Rio, an equally magical hotel experience which celebrated its grand opening on October 30th. Also nestled alongside the Rio Cuale, the Garlands del Rio boasts eight gorgeous rooms and a host of amenities and comforts for your ultimate Mexican getaway. As hard as it was to say goodbye to my Mexican adventure, my trusty intuition made sure to remind me that all endings lead to new beginnings. I have a feeling I will be back sooner than I think, but next time I will have to let my intuition
guide me in another tough decision – which of these two hotels am I to choose for my next dream trip.

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