Puerto Vallarta

Visit the boats

You can sail Banderas Bay, the largest bay in the country, and enjoy a delicious breakfast onboard while appreciating the placid white sand beaches and rocky cliffs jetting from the coastline.

The Marigalante is a replica of the Santa Maria in which Christopher Columbus arrived in America more than five centuries ago. It has a museum in which relics of the conquistadors' voyages are on display.

Enter the Arches Islands

On this small group of granite islands, you will find caves, tunnels and coral reefs that were shaped over the course of millions of years. Today, the waters off the islands are home to colorful tropical fish, eels, sea turtles, octopuses and other marine life, making it the ideal spot for snorkeling.

Observe the bay's wildlife

Depending on the season that you are sailing, you can encounter dolphins, stingrays or humpback whales.


Accompany a delicious ceviche with a refreshing margarita or local mezcal drink that is prepared with fresh fruits.

Watch the sunset

At dusk, experience the moment as the sun descends into the ocean in the distant horizon, illuminating the sky with gold, red and pink hues.