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Cortez Suite

A verdant marble-columned driveway beckons one to the first of seven cozy apartments, each named after the heroes of the Revolution and the family of the designers, “Silver” Maria Cortez and her bon vivant grandson Alexander. The Cortez is the most accessible at ground level facing the river. An historic wealth of scenes from Cortez's landing in 1825 are elegantly hand painted throughout this apartment. Its high ceilings and large state-of-the-art living and dining area make it heavenly for intimate gatherings. Black trompe-l’oiled bathrooms with sunken tubs, toilet, and bidets, are handily situated on both levels. A stunning bedroom featuring a plump German Kluft bed envelopes the weary traveler in heavenly slumber, and the living area with two plush couches make entertaining for the holidays a must! A roaring fireplace and fountained, marbled, Arabic patio invite guests. In the morning there is easy access to the chartreuse mosaic glorious double-leveled pool above! *Very Large three leveled suite *Lofted Bedroom *King Size bed *Twin Day Bed *2 full baths with bidets and clawfoot bath tub *full private kitchen *high cielings *fold out living room couch *Fire Place *River View and Direct ground access *Full closet *Great for sleeping up to four people *Living room and bedroom TV