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If the moon and starts should doubt, they would most assuredly go out!" Known as Mariposa, or the Monks Room, this is the spare room and can be used as a delicate cloister for the bachelor or bachelorette. The gorgeous Brahma bull oil is by painter Bill McGrail, painted lovingly for Candelaria on her birthday. McGrail, a Buddhist, jumped from his old red truck and painted the Brahman in Tuito in the moonlight! "He is like the sun and not the moon for his love shines bright and never changes." -Shakespeare Though small, there is a quaint blue refrigerator on the small balcony that hovers over the verdant Afghani, tiled garden below. This room has the most spectacular tiled floor of Mosaics, and is perfect for the traveler on a budget! Alexander has totally refurbished this room with mirrored walls over a working gas fireplace with an oblong crystalline chandelier making the entire abode an infinitesimal kismet of color! The bathroom's mosaic sink, the blue sunken tub, and shower are sheer glamour for the late night lovers. The transcendental wedge wood painted celestial color and mirrored shelves give an angelic repose... yet, the room has a definite masculine ambiance to it, most conducive to a writer or artist who treasures his space and solitude. "yes, dear, life is a humbling experience, now go to your typewriter and write your beliefs in blood, my love, in blood!" - Ernest Hemmingway * A/C * Wifi * Cable TV * Full and continental breakfast